InCard – selects the best entertainment and cultural establishments for the city’s guests and provides personal discounts and gifts free of charge


Increase tourism in the country.

Popularization of tourist places

Developing small and medium business

Providing quicker and easier implementation


  • 1. Publicity

    We direct advertising to tourists: mobile operator, tour operator, air operator, airport, internet

  • 2. InCard

    We give an Incard application or website with offers from institutions

  • 3. Present

    The tourist receives his gift or special offer

  • 4. Business

    Gets his client, and raises sales

  • 5. inCard commission

    inCard receives its commission for an attracted buyer


Domestic tourists

  • Special tariffs from mobile operators
  • SMS sending
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Advertising on the Internet
  • Tourist information points
  • Tour Desk

External tourists

  • Air operators
  • Tourist operators
  • Welcome pack
  • Hotels and private assortment
  • Tourist information points
  • Tour Desk

inCard technology

inCard is built on the basis of its own cardless processing.

Technology allows businesses to charge tourists with personal discounts, gifts and bonuses on the phone number.

To identify the tourist at the point of sale, it is enough for business to use a smartphone with an application or a computer, and the tourist simply needs to call his phone number, or show a virtual card in the application.

For tourists

  • Doesn’t require physical cards
  • The phone number is also a tourist card
  • A handy mobile application with lots of suggestions from the best city institutions
  • Self-registration terminal in institutions

For business

  • Fast connection and deployment without expenses
  • Easy setup and use
  • Transparent scheme of work
  • Use for personal purposes for the creation of a loyalty program

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