Create your own modern digital card

A platform for the release of tourist, discount, coalition, club, social and other cards

What do we do?

We create modern digital (without) card customer service systems.


  • City tourist map, CityCard.

The tourist buys on the site, in the mobile application or in the tourist office a digital card. Via this card, he receives a set of services for free or with significant discounts, such as free travel in transport, visiting museums or entertainment points.
For a tourist – saving and travel planning, and for partners – stable traffic. The card itself can be in the form of a mobile application, email, plastic or paper card. And may also be put in the cloud wallet of the guest. And the Email or mobile phone number will be used as a “key”.

  • Card of the guest.

The services of the digital card of the guest can include visits to certain locations, money accounts for the convenience of the guest’s calculatings. The Guest doesn’t need a plastic card or a bracelet on his hand anymore! This is like a digital wallet with different branches, that you gave to the guest. Moreover, thanks to chat boats, we can sell additional services before the arrival of the guest.

  • Coalitions with mutual settings.

You want to give your guest some privileges from your partners. You want the guest to visit the partner, so as you can earn on it. The inCard platform will help either to settle accounts with a partner, or can automatically withdraw money from the partner.

  • Social cards.

Your beneficiaries will make use of access to certain services or goods (medicine, food). And InCard will help you establish non-banking systems of inter-issuer interaction and mutual settings.

… and also, shopping malls’ loyalty cards, gift cards and certificates, paid discount cards, fuel cards and much more!


Convenience without compromise

The world has changed as well as a modern buyer.

New trends have come:

  • Business should come to the buyer. The buyer wants to buy unnoticed for himself – at home, at the departure. But not making efforts. Paying in motion just in his smartphone;
  • Retail is transforming into the market of impressions. A modern buyer wants to buy less points, spending less time, but with great emotions;
  • A new generation listens to the recommendations of social network.

We create products where these trends are put in the base of the system.

A modern card does not require a carrier, and even can be put in the virtual buyer’s wallet. The buyer can come to the store, museum or entry point and just tell his phone number.

Modern technologies of geo-location advertising will remind the buyer about a special offer when he passes by.

Omni-channel communication will deliver content to the buyer in the way, which is convenient to the buyer.

We predict the customer’s desire and give him the service and then when he needs it.


A brief description of the inCard platform

inCard is a cloud platform with a set of many ready-made tools.

Most of the projects we can “collect” and run in a matter of days, in some cases – hours.

Main components:

  • cloudy fast processing. Instantly establish discounts, vouchers, coupons or complicated wiring / write-off;
  • Omni-channel communication with guest and buyer. We will notify the consumer with the help of PUSH / VIBER / SMS;
  • Integration with cash regulations using an open API;
  • Providing a free tool for the seller which works on any phone;
  • Providing a validator to control travel in transport or passage to prepaid zones;
  • A powerful analytical system that will afford to settle the account and remuneration of a guest or buyer;
  • Portal of the guest or buyer;
  • Quickly adapted mobile application on the main platforms (IOS, Android, Web) – and much more!

The basic principles of our team:

Focus on results

… and even sometimes ready to receive only from profit …


… we consider each project as a creation of a family …


… and together with a partner / customer we work as a one team ….

Our mission is to make our already small world even smaller. Such small and comfortable – so that everyone can take it with him!

How does it works?

1. Networking

Contact us, and tell us about your task or problem. Or even just share your ideas with us.

2. Shaping

Collecting and rating, we choose a model of mitigation with you (customer or partner), and we also select components and count the budgets.

3. Launching

Implementation and notification.We launch. And we begin almost everything from the beginning – studying the behavior of buyers / guests, and again and again we are working for the system.


For processing transactions we can use both our own processing and Blockchain technology.

Blockchain can be effective when it is necessary to ensure full transparency between all partners. And sometimes to minimize tax revenues in some countries.

If necessary, we can certify financial documents (checks, invoices, contract) in Blockchain.

In any case, we will give a decision on the inter-issuer interaction and control.


White Label

For those who want to run under their own trading mark, we offer different levels of white label.

Choose the level by yourself – beginning from the placement of processing on your customer servers, until writing branded applications.

From circuit cross-marketing, to schemes with complex payments.

Contact us, share your ideas, and we will realize them.

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